Our Products

We have always been increasing the range of our products and currently; our product range includes Flour Production, Variety of Biscuits and Macaroni. Our multitiude products also have a selection of flavours and packaging sizes.

Wheat Flour

The first ever business the owner engaged in was wheat flour production in the city of 'Assela' and now; one of the major products the company produces is Wheat Flour. However the quality and level of production is increased by 10 folds.


Every year we are producing additional flavors and types of bisuits. Currently we are producing 2 types of biscuits with 14 kind of flavors


The recent addition to our range of products is macaroni. We are producing 4 types of macaroni.


About us

Chilalo Food Complex is a private owned factory established in December 2011 following the previously planted Flour factory in the vicinity which proved to be successful. The food complex is placed on a 15,000 Sq.Mt. area granted from Assella City Administration following the investment permit from Oromia Regional Estate in early 2011; under registration number KIO-A/ID/HO270 with a capital of ETB 25 million (~USD 1.4 million).

In a short time after its establishment, it started producing high quality flour and a variety of biscuits with a common brand "OK"; its products are widely available in every market around the country. The region where our factories reside is 161 Km away from the city capital, Addis Ababa; it is located in the most convenient place a food complex could ever reside, Arsi Zone – Assela, the region is famous for growing high quality wheat with most quantity nationally.

Currently Chilalo Food Complex has 97 permanent employees and 845 seasonal labor workers actively participating to the success of the factory. Moreover, it's one of the few action-oriented companies who took a very short time to build and inaugurate two factories of this magnitude. We also believe that we still do and will continue to contribute to the success of the nationwide Economic, Development & Transformation Plan.



Our vision is to be a lucrative company specialized in producing an international quality Flour, Biscuits & Pasta foodstuffs that supply to the local as well as the international market.



Production and distribution if high quality products to our customers with sustainable operation philosophy and strenghtned value and supply chain.


  • Continiously focus on producing high-quality and variety of products,
  • Involve in a continious expansion of our plant so that we could create more jobs to the community,
  • Be a quality leader in the industry and win the hearts of existing and new customers,
  • Contribute to the economy of the country and help realise the national vision of being a middle income country.

Our Facilities

Our plant is composed of various facilities; in addition to the first factory which we still own, our new plant is composed of packaging materials store, a raw material store, finished products store, large flour factory, three distinct biscuit factories, one huge maccarony factory, office buildings, Heavy duty Weigh-bridge and large parking space; all reside within a 15,000 sq. mt. compund. We also have 30 lorry trucks, which help us distribute our products from the close vicinity to the far reaches of the country.

Contact Us

Our company is located in Assela Town – Arsi Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia;

Please feel free to use your preferred mode to contact us. You can also send us your feedback through the designated form below:

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